• security plus jobs

    Following are the job responsibilities of a CompTIA Security+ professional in an organization:


    To review and assess designs and project activities for compliance with security criteria and guidelines

    To provide feedback to develop product quality and reduce the risk.

    Manage and build relations with internal and subcontracted associates on system software security

    To provide safe domain-specific knowledge and overall software system guidance and outlook to assignments, programs, and activities. They provide direction as an advisor to less- experienced workforces

    To drive improvement and combination of new security tools into projects of software system design in an organization

    security plus jobs

    To lead internal teams in the adoption of SDL, especially source code analysis, risk modeling, analysis and writing product security necessities.

    To understand the information security values and core technologies (CIA, encryption, identity, authN/authZ, SSO, networking, web protocols, and confidentiality

    They should be able to liaison with both technical and non-technical staffs

    To monitor and analyze security controls, network and host activity for both successful and failed invasions for study purpose

    To produce cyber security threats intelligence reports to the management

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